GROW Bananas Provide Hearing to Angel

Angel Gabriel is 8 years old and lives in the town of Tecoman, Colima, Mexico with his father Angel, mother Elizabeth and 4 year old little brother. When he was 2 years old, he was diagnosed with profound deafness in both ears. His father works as a waiter and cook in a restaurant on the beach earning minimun wage plus tips. His mother is a housewife.
Angel Gabriel attends a special school. His teachers and parents knocked on many doors to get money for the purchase of hearing aids. When he was 6 years old someone gave him one “used” hearing aid, but this device did not help him because it did not have the right power for his deafness.
Last month, Angel Gabrie’sl life changed! When GROW got Word of Angel, we found a solution for him. He has new hearing aids that are right for his type of deafness. He can now hear his family, teachers and Friends for the first time that he can ever remember. Teachers say that these devices have given hope for his future.
This not only helped Angel, but his family is very happy also because hisr 4-year-old little brother tends to imitate Angel and the little one, although he is not hard of hearing, also has delayed speaking as he imitates his older brother.

Thanks to families who buy GROW bananas for their families to eat, Angel and his family are thriving in Mexico. Every GROW banana makes a difference in someone’s life, not only because they’re healthy and delicious, but because they also make someone’s dreams come true.

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