GROW Bananas Help Expand Casa Amiga

GROW Bananas Help Expand Casa Amiga

Since 2002, Casa Amiga has helped numerous college students find safe and secure private housing for those who could not afford to live near the University of Colima after high school. A major fundraising effort has recently been fulfilled thanks in part to everyone who has GROW bananas. With your support, Casa Amiga now has now expanded its second floor to take in more students.

GROW gave a $15,000 grant to Project Amigo for the Casa Amiga expansion, which has recently been completed. Students have moved in and are eager to start their college year. Check out the new renovations below created by Aubrey Newell, son of the successor to the Project Amigo Executive Directors Coke and Cindy Newell:

Throughout the year, Casa Amiga includes hot meals, clean beds, Internet, a full-time housemother, sanitary bathrooms, and friendship among other Project Amigo and GROW scholars. It is your support that have made this possible.

Recently, Casa Amiga held its induction of students for the 2013-2014 school year. As part of this event, all of the parents and students learn about their commitment to the program, the rules, the regulations, and the purpose of the house. One of the most amazing, humbling, and inspiring occurrences of this event is when these student-scholars read the contract to their parents, many of whom cannot read.

GROW Month begins next week and continues throughout September. With your support, we can continue providing resources and funds to create opportunities like these for the families and workers who live in the banana growing regions of Mexico and Ecuador. Spread the word to your customers and help us continue supporting these young people.

It’s time to let your customers know that they are helping changing the world by purchasing GROW bananas.  All we ask is that they “Buy a banana. Change a life.”  Check out our online store for new POP materials for each of your stores for GROW Month and do your part to help change the world. Contact us at for login information.

Call us about our sampling program that is available during GROW Month and spread the love of bananas to your customers! Contact us at for information.

If you’d like to be involved and to learn more about Organics Unlimited and GROW, visit,, or call (619) 710-0658.

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