GROW Bananas Help Educate and Create Scholars

GROW Bananas Help Educate and Create Scholars

This past 2012-2013 school year, Project Amigo saw eleven students graduate from high school and eleven students from college – the largest group of Project Amigo scholars ever to move on through high education.

It’s always rewarding to know that a task as simple as buying a banana can make a large impact on the lives of others. Not only are bananas one of the most nutritional snacks you can eat, but when you buy a GROW banana you are contributing to efforts that affect positively the lives of others.

Thanks to your generous support, GROW can continue to fund terrific non-profits such as Project Amigo to help guide these young minds to a better life. Without your help, many young adults would not have the chance to obtain an education.

Parents of these students are seeing their children achieve something they never thought was possible due to their economical and social difficulties. Today you are making dreams come true. Check out the list of students who have graduated:


  • Isidro Gómez Ochoa
  • Ana Lilia Martínez Castro
  • Servando Vicente Romero
  • Zeidy Analy Ascencio Medrano
  • Sonia Cruz González
  • Cristina Cruz Miguel
  • Luis Ignacio Martínez Amezcua
  • Nathaly Nydia Preciado Gutiérrez
  • Jessica Trejo Andrés
  • Leonel Arroyo Elizarraraz
  • Esperanza de Jesús Gutiérrez Ruelas


  • Ana Alicia González Mendieta
  • Ana Nereida Garcia Torres (Pictured above; left)
  • Tricxi Viviana Munguía de la Cruz
  • Rocío Beltrán Torres
  • Jéssica Manzo Andrés
  • Évelyn Guadalupe Arzac
  • Javier Apolinar Máximo
  • Amelia Velasco Castro
  • Christian Téllez Monje (Pictured above; right)
  • José Candelario Salvador López
  • Carlos Daniel Arias Vázquez (Pictured above; middle)

You can read more details about each child on the Project Amigo website.

Help spread awareness of GROW Month all through September so we can continue providing resources and funds to create opportunities like these for the families and workers who live in the banana growing regions of Mexico and Ecuador.

If you are celebrating GROW Month with us, please use the hashtags #SupportGROW and #GROWMonth in your social media posts to show us your support.

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