GROW Awareness in Stores!

Providing products that support a cause like GROW exhibits your business as one that considers the implications of the source. Not only does this gain trust with your customers, it also conveys a great message to your employees. Supporting GROW can set a positive example for your staff, showing that if you are accountable for what you sell, they can be proud of where they work. 

A purchaser of GROW bananas may know the benefits, but your employees may not. Giving them the information to fully understand GROW can help increase sales and also build morale.

Carli Landucci of First Alternative Co-Op from Corvallis, OR wrote to us and said, “I am really glad that we are able to show off this amazing organization. The produce department here could not be prouder to stand behind Organics Unlimited and Project Amigo.” Based in Colima, Mexico, Project Amigo has worked closely with the community since 1984. GROW funding goes to their programs that help farm workers and their children through Project Amigo in Colima.

Educating your customers and employees is key to bringing an understanding to what we provide. Displaying informational Point of Purchase materials is a great way to build awareness. (We can provide you with those materials too!) Take a look at the many opportunities you provide through your support of GROW:

  • Scholarships for students from middle school through university
  • Tutoring for students
  • Development of the GROW Education Center
  • Vision Clinics for farm workers and their families
  • Dental Clinics for farm workers and their families
  • Community health education
  • Books for rural schools
  • Housing for university scholars
  • Computer centers for students
  • A college endowment fund for future generations

Since 2005, the GROW program has provided over $500,000 in support to social programs in Mexico and Ecuador. Vision and dental clinics reach over 400 individuals each year. Through the education support program, GROW students learn the benefits of giving back, building better futures for their communities!

Carli Landucci – First Alternative Co-Op
Do you have photos of your GROW display that you would like to share? Send them our way at, Tweet us your pictures @OUBananas and @OUGROW, or post them on our GROW and Organics Unlimited Facebook pages!

Every little bit counts and through your support of GROW and Organics Unlimited we can help support others in need of a better future!

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