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Project Amigo

Through your support of the GROW Program, together we have helped workers and families in the banana growing regions by way of Project Amigo. Thanks to the GROW Fund, Project Amigo can find the support to continue their work and it’s because of you, our customers, who make this happen.

So what is Project Amigo? How does it help? Since 1997 more and more families have chosen to stay in area of Colima, Mexico, in the shadow of the Colima volcano (the last eruption was 2005), to find other work when the cane harvests end, and keep their kids in school. This was the year Project Amigo first secured and began applying funds and donations from generous individuals to the construction and protection of a school at the labor camp.

Directed by Ted Rose and Susan Hill, Project Amigo has been going strong for the past 15 years. Project Amigo have completed amazing things, including sturdy classrooms, a kitchen, children’s bathrooms, and an ample patio and veranda. Additionally, the Project has installed a culinary water purification system and playground equipment, along with erecting a protective fence around the school grounds. Perhaps most significantly, Project Amigo found and hired certified teachers to serve the children of the Quesería camp (a nearby town close to Colima); two of them, Tita and Francis, are long-time Project Amigo scholars themselves.

Recently, a volunteer coordinator, Coke Newell wrote to GROW detailing his recent visit to watch a kindergarten  “graduation” ceremony in Quesería:

“In nearly every way, this graduation was for me and my family the witnessing of a miracle in the highlands of Colima. From perhaps only one perspective was it not a miracle. And that perspective is the one that recognizes that such efforts, such commitment, and such promise for the future are exactly what Project Amigo is all about in the first place.”

Project Amigo and GROW provide vision, hearing, and dental clinics that offer suitable learning experiences and give migrant communities proper knowledge of how to take care of their health.

Additionally, GROW and Project Amigo have also given students the opportunity to continue school through generous scholarships. The money aids in expenses such as school and PE uniforms and shoes, supplies, registration, school and lab fees, and pays for bus transportation from their villages to the town. These scholarships also help university students who have dreamt of pursuing higher education.

Continuing your support of GROW helps Project Amigo, along with other nonprofit services, to expand their outreach to underdeveloped communities throughout Mexico and Ecuador.

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