Grab-and-Go Banana Merchandising

By displaying bananas near the checkout, you can attract shoppers that are looking for a quick snack or breakfast. Photo courtesy of The Marco Company.

As spring turns into summer, schools are letting out for the break and children’s activities are beginning. This means many of your customers may be busier than usual with schedules full of soccer practices and family trips. Customers may be looking for “grab-and-go” products to accommodate their families’ on-the-go summer lifestyles. Luckily, Organics Unlimited bananas provide a great option for a snack or meal component for all ages of family members.

To inspire organic banana sales as grab-and-go food options, consider how you can tailor your merchandising and displays.

Display bananas near deli counter
Many customers looking for a quick lunch or picnic supplies head straight to the hot and cold deli counters. Help them plan a full, balanced meal by placing baskets of single bananas near the deli. Placing bananas here can also inspire them to consider healthy snacks between meals.

Create a grab-and-go section
Shoppers like choices and convenience. Rather than pre-packaging lunches for grab-and-go, create a display that allows customers to mix and match items to create their own meal. For example, place a refrigerated display of pre-cut fruits and vegetables, sandwiches, yogurts, boiled eggs, single-serve deli salads and beverages next to a second display of grab-and-go fruits such as bananas and apples, bakery items, nut mixes, chips, single-serve peanut butter packages and other lunch options. This allows a customer to pick and choose the items they like from a convenient display of pre-selected items and saves them time.

Place bananas near check-out
Customers in a hurry don’t want to run around the store finding what they need. By displaying baskets of organic bananas near the front of the store at the check-out lines, a retailer can make it easier for their customers to find what they need. Consider a small display of accompanying breakfast or snack foods, such as yogurts, bagels, juices and granola bars. This will appeal to moms with hungry kids in tow as well as shoppers looking for a quick snack on their way out of the store.

Consider attractive displays
Woven or wood basket displays are popular, especially for produce. They can be tilted slightly on a display so the produce inside is easily visible, even from a distance. Make sure the baskets are stocked, as abundance is more enticing than a limited supply. Your employees should be monitoring the organic banana displays to ensure there is no bruised or unripe fruit; a customer doesn’t want to sift through items to find one that’s ready to eat.

Place product displays in multiple locations
Grab-and-go foods are about convenience for customers. If you have a single display with so much traffic that a customer has to work through a crowd to find items, the convenience factor is lost. Consider placing multiple displays around the store, in places where a customer may look for the product (the breakfast or bakery items, the deli for lunchtime crowd, the checkout lines for customers looking for a quick snack, etc.). With this approach, you won’t lose the aspect of convenience with your grab-and-go displays.

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