Going Bananas with Back to School

As the summer winds down and you prepare your little ones for a new school year, the inevitable school lunch planning begins. Although kids may want the salty snacks and sugary sweets, make sure you pack foods with nutritional value that will fuel them throughout the day. GROW bananas are a perfectly convenient snack that provide a great source of energy and essential nutrients. Easy to transport, the protective peel will keep them fresh and tasty, no matter when they are consumed.

Adding GROW bananas to your child’s lunchbox, is not only good for them but good for others. A portion of every box of GROW bananas sold helps banana worker’s children live better lives through a surcharge that goes directly to the GROW Fund. The GROW Fund provides scholarships, dental and vision programs, housing and educational support for the workers and their families in Colima, Mexico and Ecuador, where GROW bananas are grown.

They’re tasty, healthy and rewarding. That’s why GROW bananas are the perfect lunchbox companion.

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