Go Bananas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Bananas Teacher Appreciation Week

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day, and Week! We know students mostly identify apples with teachers, but why not give students the idea to go outside the box and give their teacher a banana this year? Both fruits are naturally fat free, but bananas have the same amount, if not more of all vitamins – and in our opinion taste better.

Bananas have the edge over apples with more milligrams of vitamin C and seven times more vitamin B-6. They also have nine more minerals than apples. and are a good source of magnesium. If you’re looking to increase a teacher’s potassium, bananas are the clear winner.

Teachers do so much for us as a society that this week is very important to recognize the value they have on educating our youth. Show them you care with displays for teacher appreciation week with healthy choices that keep up their energy, which is perfect for a banana display.

Approach Teacher Appreciation Week with a special offer and let them use bananas for in classroom experiments for science, health, or home economics classes. They could even be a part of a fun project to start a compost experiment if a school teaches the value of gardening.

There are many ways to integrate organic bananas into schools other than the cafeteria, but it might not be on everyone’s minds. Displaying these fun ideas will help spark more interest in your bananas and help you increase sales during Teacher Appreciation Week or throughout the school year.

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