Give Your Customers a Snack Attack!

Three square meals a day is not going to cut it if your customers wish to keep a healthy mind and body. Not only will promoting healthy alternatives for snacks increase sales, but it will also win over your customers who are looking for the perfect fuel for their daily routines.

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, inform your customers that snacking throughout the day is OK, providing moderation and choosing the right foods. To increase sales of bananas, one of the best ways to promote them as a quick, on-the-go food would be to displaying them individually instead of in bunches. This would be a great display near the check out registers. Your customers will think that they can just buy a finger rather than a whole bunch and this will get them in the habit of purchasing bananas more frequently.

Make snack foods a focal point in your store with a display and point-of-purchase sign encouraging healthy snacking. Group together a hardy selection of foods, along with bananas, that your customers will find enjoyable, replacing salty snacks and sugary sweets from their lives. Selling these alternatives together rather than separated throughout your store will gain your products more attention.

Some granola bars are actually packed with too much sugar and typically not the right kind your body needs. The natural sugars found in bananas are perfect carbohydrates for a pre-or-post workout snack. Air-popped popcorn, string cheese, trail mix, walnuts, pistachios, Greek yogurt, and baby carrots are just a few other options you may consider to add to your snack display to complement your bananas.

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