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August is the time for families to prepare their children to go back to school. But for some areas around the world, many young people do not have the opportunity to receive a formal education. When you support GROW, you are providing children and young adults the chance to obtain proper schooling and development.

Informing your customers that their purchases of GROW Bananas can help build futures will peak interest of new customers and reaffirm with existing ones why they need to buy. School is a luxury that many take for granted and that some can only dream about. When you decided to stock your store with GROW Bananas, you are contributing hope for those who seek a better tomorrow.

Supporting GROW segues funding to programs like Project Amigo that can continue their work with the Life Skills program, dental and vision clinics, and many more opportunities for communities in banana growing regions of Mexico and Ecuador. It is you, our customers, that make amazing things possible!

Most children in banana growing regions have parents who can hardly read. Providing schooling is a financial obligation that some families cannot afford, causing many children to be thrown into work at a young age. But school isn’t the only tool that these children miss out on. In response to this deprivation, Project Amigo’s Director of Children’s Programs, Ted Rose, developed Life Skills – a program which is mandatory for all University scholars.

One Life Skills participant had this to say about the program:

“Hello! My name is Maria Esther Cristobal Ramos. I have just finished my second semester as a freshman at the University of Colima, studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Law. I have been a Project Amigo scholarship recipient for the past six years.

Last fall I entered the University and became eligible to participate for the first time in Project Amigo’s Life Skills course, which is the result of the work and coordination of the Project Amigo staff. The objective of this course is that participants acquire, as the name implies, skills that will not only enrich their professional lives, but their whole lives.

The ideology presented in the course has not only enriched my intellect, but also my humanity. Through this Course my awareness of different situations in my daily life has heightened and I have had the opportunity to reflect on my attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and how I see things. In a few words, my intellectual and human transformation is helping me not only acquire skills that permit me to reach my goals – I have the goal of becoming an outstanding civil attorney – but also is giving me the tools ‘to conquer the empire.’ That is, to become a successful lawyer and at the same time live ethically and morally.”

Furthering her knowledge beyond just formal education, GROW by Organics Unlimited has provided Maria the chance to live a life she had never thought possible. Continuing her education and her participation in the Life Skills program allows her to gain the tools that she can pass on to her family and future generations.

If you’d like to be involved, and to learn more about GROW and Organics Unlimited, please visit  OrganicsUnlimited.com, GROWBananas.org, or call (619) 710-0658.

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