Former Scholar Alberto Ramirez Rivera Talks About His Experience with GROW

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Many children and young adults in the state of Colima, MX begin working at a young age, helping support their family’s as best as they can. The only future they see is to provide for their family, while their actual goals and dreams seem nearly impossible to reach.

Thanks to the support of the GROW program, many students have been given the opportunity to reach those goals. Alberto Ramirez Rivera is a former GROW scholar that was one of the first to be accepted in the program and receive a scholarship, thanks to the support of Project Amigo, a non-profit that is funded in part by GROW.

Due to the programs support, Ramirez was able to graduate from the University of Colima in 2012 with a major in agronomy. In the video Ramirez describes how passionate he has always been about agriculture and how it has always been a part of his family. Since he was 7 years of age, Ramirez had to learn to help support his family while attending school, always working in the fields, harvesting limes and bananas.

While attending school, Organics Unlimited, founders of the GROW program provides all scholars and students in the area with an Education Center. The Education Center provides students with computers, books, school supplies, tutoring programs and classmates that help support one another.

After a few years in the Industry working as an agronomist, Ramirez was given the opportunity to work for Organics Unlimited as the general manager of production at Rancho El Tesoro.

Ramirez states that it is a unique and great experience to be able to meet such generous people that are willing to help others without knowing who they are helping. Organics Unlimited and Grow are known as the angels of the community because they support all students who do not have the resources to continue going to school but who want to complete school and make a better future for themselves.

The GROW program has allowed the students to achieve objectives that they might have otherwise given up on.

GROW was started by Organics Unlimited in 2005 to help the communities in the areas where their bananas are grown. Since that time, the program has provided over $1,000,000 for programs in Mexico and Ecuador that cover a variety of social issues: education from elementary to university level students, safe drinking water, vision clinics, dental clinics and early childhood education.  All funding for GROW is through a small surcharge on the sale of GROW bananas.

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