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Organics Unlimited owners, Mayra and Manuel Velazquez de Leon, traveled to Makuhari Messe, Japan this week to attend the 36th annual FOODEX Japan exhibition. Organics Unlimited will be exhibiting there among 80,000 trade professionals in the food and beverage industry. FOODEX runs from March 1-March 4 and will feature 3,300 booths of international food and beverage products from fresh fruits and vegetables to specialty coffees and teas. 
As one of the largest international shows, FOODEX attracts a large cross section of products that appeal to the Japanese market.  And while for Americans organic bananas are a commodity that we often buy in quantity, the Japanese shopper buys them one banana at a time, individually wrapped once they arrive in Japan. 
Our bananas in Japan sell under the BioFruit label.  For more information on Japanese distribution, visit our website.

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