Focus on Foodies

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The term “foodie” is thrown around amongst food lovers everywhere. The Organic Trade Association notes that consumers who shop organic are also more likely to be adventurous cooks, gourmands, or more popularly termed as “foodies.” A foodie is defined as an epicure, or a person devoted to refined food and drink. Most of us have an inner foodie that yearns for quality food that tantalize our taste buds, and true foodies know that in order to make quality cuisine, you must start with quality ingredients.

This provides opportunities for unique cross merchandising and live cooking and sampling demonstrations. There are many ways you can demonstrate bananas as an ingredient for adventurous eaters. Here are a few:

• Cross merchandise GROW bananas with steel cut oats, dried fruit and pure maple syrup for a healthy breakfast option

• Post this recipe next to the fresh fish counter and display some bananas nearby

• During the summer, display bananas next to organic smoothie ingredients or natural supplements

• Host a cooking demonstration using melted organic dark chocolate mixed with cinnamon and organic cream. Dip toothpicked GROW bananas into the chocolate and offer to customers

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