Extend Your Outreach on Social Media

Extend Your Outreach on Social Media

Continuing our conversation from last week, retail marketing must go beyond traditional means and onto the World Wide Web. Social media is a booming, easily available resource for retailers to engage with customers and if you’re not on it, you need to be.

If your retail store has a presence on Facebook or Twitter, it’s important to keep a steady frequency of posts that are visually striking to cut through the clutter. Grocery stores have so much color and opportunity to share what’s new and available that it would be hard not to find content.

Organic bananas alone have so many benefits that can be used in conjunction with an image or display. Sharing nutritional facts, fun benefits, recipes or other uses can invite more demand for your organic bananas. The best part of social media is that you can gain insights on your customers and know what marketing techniques are working.

To engage with your customers further, give them information about your products they may not even know about. Find content about your produce distributors to give your customers positive information that will entice them to support your brands and share with their friends and family.

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a social media channel is keeping a consistent presence. Posting frequently reminds your audience that you are here with important information that makes it beneficial for your customers to follow you. Setting up an established plan or scheduled posts to the tune of your sales planner is always a good bet.

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