Every GROW Banana Sold can Change a Life

Every GROW Banana Sold can Change a Life

The GROW label from Organics Unlimited helps families in the banana growing communities by providing funds to Project Amigo, a nonprofit organization in Mexico. With the financial support they receive from the GROW label, Project Amigo is able to provide communities with vision clinics, dental clinics and literacy and an educational programs.

With each box of GROW bananas sold, a portion of the proceeds go into the GROW Fund. These donations are managed and distributed by the International Community Foundation. Project Amigo in Mexico and Children International in Ecuador are two organizations where GROW has helped build better communities and has changed the lives of many.

Every year Project Amigo hosts five work weeks where volunteers from all over the world gather to assist children and adults in less fortunate areas of Colima, Mexico. This past week Project Amigo hosted their Literacy and Environment, and two of our staff we’re part of the volunteer group. We would like to share some of their experiences and how you can also help make a difference in the lives of these families.

Through the week, volunteers from across the U.S. gathered together to reach one goal; the goal to help improve well-being of these people. The volunteers had the opportunity to visit six less fortunate villages, all of which needed extreme educational and health support from programs such as Project Amigo.

“This was a huge life changing and humbling experience,” said a volunteer. “Being that I am full Mexican and lived in Tijuana, Mexico most of my childhood, I was able to relate to some of their living conditions and the culture. I was fortunate enough to meet a lot of the young children and their families that are part of these villages and was extremely honored to be able to help them with their reading skills, teach them healthy habits and bring smiles to their faces.”

From distributing clothes and shoes to coloring with the students and educating parents about good health and the importance of dental hygiene, the literacy and environment week was a tremendous success and a very humbling experience for the volunteers. However none of that would have been possible without the support we receive from you.

Over 90% of the students that are a part of the Project Amigo scholarship program are attending the local university, and many have graduated to become very successful. Some of those success stories have continued to be a part of their community and have helped the current students in their health and education.

With your support in purchasing GROW bananas or creating visual appealing merchandising displays with GROW bananas, together we can make a difference in the banana growing communities.

For more information on how you can help support please visit our GROW website.

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