Ensuring Quality Organic Bananas Every Time

Organics Unlimited quality bananas

There is nothing better than a perfectly ripe, sweet banana, just like the ones that Organics Unlimited is proud to provide. But what goes into the making of a perfect banana? There are many factors that play into quality when growing and shipping organic bananas.

At Organics Unlimited, our focus on quality starts at the very beginning, with the soil meeting certain conditions that allow us to certify our bananas as organic. When a banana begins its journey from our farms to your table, the very first step after picking is washing and packing. It is then that the bananas are ready for transport and storage. Because bananas undergo biochemical reactions as they mature, it is particularly important that attention is paid to transport and storage conditions.

Bananas are transported at temperatures between 56.8 and 58.8 degrees Fahrenheit. During the transport process, the driver checks the trailer’s temperature every 8 to 10 hours. Transport trucks have technology that monitor the load temperature down to the minute on each and every trip.  Once the organic bananas reach our warehouse in San Diego, the temperature is kept at 57-58 degrees Fahrenheit. One of the main reasons temperature is so important is because it directly affects the appearance of the bananas. If the temperature drops too low, the banana will suffer “chill damage,” which appears as black spots on the peel, and upon ripening, instead of turning yellow the banana will turn brown. However, if the banana gets too hot, it will cease to be firm. Although both bananas that have suffered chill damage and bananas that have been exposed to overly warm temperatures are still edible, the resulting appearance produces quality that is not suitable for retail sale.

Once the distributor picks up their organic bananas from our warehouse, they will not only need to keep the bananas in the same temperature range, but also pay attention to both relative humidity and ventilation. Relative humidity should be consistently between 80-85%, and proper ventilation should be ensured in order to vent the gas byproduct produced by the bananas as they ripen.  By paying attention to this the distributor will be able to ripen the bananas to the perfect stage for retail sales.

From there the bananas are ready for consumption and will finish their journey at retail centers, where they should be displayed on average between 3 and 5 days at room temperature.

Consumers will then be able to enjoy peak quality organic bananas. Four generations of expertise at Organics Unlimited, combined with a passion for quality and sustainability has resulted in unparalleled consistency. We take great pride in our knowledge, our commitment to excellence and in providing you and your customers with the best possible fruit!

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