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This quarter, we will be focusing our marketing efforts on incorporating bananas into your customers’ healthy lifestyles.

A new header card is available with wording and imagery that coordinates with the theme. We will also be updating our blog with relevant content, tips and information that you can relay to your customers.

When it comes to choosing a healthy lifestyle, it can be much easier than we think. With a refreshed concern for the foods we eat and the calories we consume, people are more apt to pick healthier foods for themselves and their families. Living healthy is as easy as taking a brisk jog or doing some gardening during the day while adding more fruits, vegetables and grains to your diet. Typical foods that are high in fat, carbohydrates, and calories actually promote lethargy that we can easily notice. One superfood that can easily be incorporated into healthier lifestyles is the banana. Sweet and delicious, organic bananas are very portable and make for the perfect snack. They also give a great boost of healthy energy in the morning for breakfast. You can mix them in a colorful fruit salad or toss them in the blender for a refreshing smoothie. Even the peels can be used for natural garden fertilizer and relieving mosquito bites. Knowing some of the health benefits of organic bananas can help encourage customers to embrace this wonderful food.

  • High in energy. Eating 2 bananas will give you enough energy for a 1 hour workout!
  • Vitamins. Bananas are extremely high in vitamins and nutrients. They have 5 times as much Vitamin A and Iron, and 3 times as much phosphorus than apples.
  • Potassium. Bananas are rich in potassium which helps the body’s circulatory system bring oxygen to the brain. This maintains a regular heartbeat and a proper balance of water in the body.
  • Improve your mood. Bananas contain the chemical, tryptophan, which is a mood regulating substance that helps your mind relax so you feel happier. So if you’re feeling down, don’t drown yourself in ice cream, reach for a banana!
  • Brain Power. Bananas also promote a healthy mind. The potassium in bananas boosts brain power and makes you more alert and focused.

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