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Eloina Lopez GROW Project Amigo

September is also Hispanic Heritage Month and Self-Improvement Month, two celebrations that coincide perfectly with GROW Month. Meet Eloina Lopez. She is a recent recipient of an educational scholarship from Project Amigo thanks to funding of the GROW Program. Organics Unlimited, creator of GROW thanks you for your support. When your customers purchase GROW bananas, you inspire youths like Eloina who get a better chance to have a better future.

Eloina is a 15-year-old girl who is in her third semester of high school currently studying mathematics and physics. She is one of four siblings who live at home with their parents in a small, yet happy home. Through everything she has obtained, she is very grateful for the chance to receive this education. Her family is very close and supports her all the way! Learn more about Eloina in her video below:

GROW Month is happening right now through the end of September, and with your assistance, we can increase consumer awareness of this great cause. GROW helps so many others like Christian who wishes to become an architect and Luis Nava who received a scholarship to achieve his goal of becoming a CPA.

These scholarships are not just about receiving an education, but also creating memories, helping their communities, and making new friends. Eloina hopes that her hard work will get her into college where she’ll strive to become a teacher. It’s stories like these that make supporting GROW worth while.  Knowing that you are helping youths, like Eloina, Christian, and Luis, achieve their dreams of making a better life for themselves is a rewarding feeling.

Organics Unlimited has point-of-purchase materials, promotional items, and much more to help spread awareness of GROW Month. Our retailer contests will be running all month! Please submit your entries to

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