How to Educate Your Staff and Customers about Organic Bananas

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In a recent article, the Supermarket News asked multiple grocery chains what is the one thing the produce department would do to increase produce sales. Many answers included education. Produce managers understand the value of educating their staff on various fruits and vegetables so staff can in turn educate customers.

“How do I educate my customers more?” wonders Roman Teig, produce manager at Hy-Vee. “Because right now everyone wants to know where their food’s coming from. Customers want that connection.”

Other produce managers echoed the need for more customer education and staff training. Stephen Scott, produce manager at The Fresh Market, suggested having produce companies come in and train staff on their products.

At Organics Unlimited, we use this blog, Organic Odes, to provide nutritional information and recipes that can be used as POP in retailers’ stores. We also, oftentimes, share promotional programs implemented by our retailers to provide merchandising and display ideas to others. Our Facebook page is filled with recipes and tidbits on health and nutrition that our customers can use, too.

Organics Unlimited has a sales support kit filled with tools to assist retailers with merchandising and it can be found on We also provide POP signage on the website that is available for download.

If you are looking for any organic banana information to use in your own promotions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We have multiple tools to help retailers and distributors educate their staff and customers.

Are you interested in more product training from Organics Unlimited? Are you looking for additional materials to help you educate your customers? Let us know by emailing us at


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