Early Childhood Education Program is GROWing in Ecuador

Early Childhood Education is GROWing in Ecuador

Last week we talked about the Safe Water Project that continues to thrive thanks to your wonderful support of the GROW program. We’d like to share with you that the Early Childhood Education Program in Ecuador has developed and expanded to six sponsorship areas. They are now working with 388 children, ages 3-5. Participants include sponsored children, siblings and relatives of sponsored children, and children from the communities in which Community Centers are located.

Children are evaluated both upon entry and completion of the program, which allows the program’s Guayaquil agency to refine its program approach in four major developmental areas:

  • Gross motor skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Hearing and language
  • Personal and social development

The volunteer educators receive ongoing training to prepare them to better serve the Early Childhood Education Program participants and to meet program goals. This year, their training included subjects such as:

  • Preparation of didactic materials
  • Animation techniques
  • General and specific education features at worldwide, national, and local levels
  • An Institutional Study Plan for Initial Education (including the neural-cerebral, psychological, philosophical, pedagogic, social/cultural, anthropologic, and legal aspects)
  • Class planning
  • Characteristics of children ages 3-4 and 4-5
  • Early childhood education modalities
  • Early childhood evaluation

Parents of participating children are also invited to informational chats concerning the evaluation methods and proper child nutrition (which is key to early childhood education). The Early Childhood Education Program goals addressed this year include:

  • Identifying the status of the participants in relation to four major developmental areas (gross motor skills, fine motor skills, hearing and language, and personal/social development
  • Helping the children build self-esteem through relationships
  • Helping the children discover the importance of social and family values and rules
  • Teaching the importance of being good citizens with a proper sense of community
  • Boosting the children’s awareness of their world and enhancing their sense of personal responsibility

Children International and its Guayaquil agency express their deepest thanks to  the GROW Fund  for helping to make this vital, ongoing program possible.

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