Create Healthy In-store Demos with Organics Unlimited

A successful display should be eye catching and inviting. Presenting product information through point-of-purchase materials can help gain consumer trust, and providing in-store demonstrations can work wonders for sales and building product awareness. Giving your customers a sample of Organics Unlimited bananas will show them how sweet and tasty they are.

A visual in-store demo can provide more than just a tasting. It can present healthy options for recipe ideas, facts about the products, and help cross promote other foods.

Suggesting alternative uses for bananas may also help improve sales. Smoothies, protein shakes, or fruit salads are fantastic healthy foods that use bananas as the main ingredient, but also contain other products for your customers to buy. (Check out our recipes section on Facebook.)

If your store hosts a food service area, offer organic smoothies made from Organics Unlimited bananas. This cross marketing technique can help raise awareness of organic bananas. Letting the customers know that you provide food options that are made from products you sell in-store can gain their trust in all the products your store provides.

Taste acts as a powerful sense for our memory when making a food purchase. Allowing your customers to try an Organics Unlimited banana will transition this taste test into a must buy item.

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