Continuing to Drive Quality, Organics Unlimited Looks To Peru

Hurricanes and floods have been pummeling banana growing regions this winter, which have forced a bump in the road for many distributors. But weather has not been the biggest threat to the industry.  Many believe it is black sigatoka that has been spreading around the middle of the globe. Fortunately, one country has been lucky enough to avoid this inconvenience, Peru. Many organic companies are considering sourcing from Peru, and it just so happens that Organics Unlimited is one of them.

 “Peru is the next step for us,” says Mayra Velaquez de Leon, president of Organics Unlimited. “We may begin there in the next month and a half. We needed to diversify and they don’t have the (black sigatoka) disease, which is very good for us because we are all organic.” But the country’s soil and growing conditions can produce a slightly smaller product while still tasting the same as if it were from Mexico or Ecuador.

Continuing our mission to promote “quality” throughout the industry, we will be furthering efforts with another contest this March. While encouraging interactivity through social media, we are keeping the game fresh with one end goal in mind: promoting quality.

At the end of February, we closed the quote submission contest. We received a great quote from a loyal Facebook fan, Irvin Alcides Rodríguez, which stated, “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

Aristotle’s quote on quality that has been running throughout the first quarter ads will remain on March’s ads, but this time one ad will be slightly different from the others. Organics Unlimited is asking their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter followers to locate the adjusted ad and post their findings to receive a prize.

This year’s Famous Quotes campaign includes attractive point of purchase materials as well as merchandising ideas that give shoppers incentives to purchase more organic bananas – already the most popular item in the produce department.

Source: The Packer

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