Consider Using Grab ‘n’ Go Tactics to Market to Men

Marketing Produce to Men

A recent piece by James Prevor in Produce Business discusses, in part, how the industry can sell more produce and achieve our collective goal of making the 5 a Day campaign a success. While the piece focused on selling more produce within convenience stores, there are lessons that grocers can take from the opinion editorial as well.

Convenience store sales shouldn’t be seen as direct competition with traditional grocers. Instead, it’s an opportunity to raise produce sales overall, as the customer base that shops grab ‘n’ go products at a convenience store is quite different than the customer that regularly shops at a grocery store. If anything, Prevor argues, convenience stores are shifting their sales from chips and candy to produce, which means a healthier America and more produce sales for everyone.

“After all, the produce industry needs the convenience stores just as much as they need produce,” Prevor said. “If the produce industry is to be successful in the 5 a Day effort to double produce consumption, two things will be essential components of that campaign. First, the produce industry needs to reach out to new distribution channels that have a totally distinct sales opportunity from other channels. Second, the produce industry needs to appeal to men.”

As growers, distributors and retailers of organic produce, men are oftentimes a market that we forget to target. Prevor reminds us that this is an important segment.

“About twice as many women as men say they eat three servings of produce per day or more,” said Prevor. “If we are to increase consumption, we will need to get the male half of the population to start eating more produce.”

To grow organic banana and other produce sales within your store, consider marketing to men. Drive impulse sales with this demographic by creating grab ‘n’ go displays near doors and checkout lines. Make it easy for a customer to pop in and get quick snacks and meals through these types of displays.

A focus on fitness can be a way to target male shoppers, too; by pairing bananas and other “power foods” with protein powder or energy drink displays, merchandisers can reinforce that bananas are good for health.

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