GROW Story: Cezar

With the help of dedicated volunteers, donations and GROW funds, a young boy’s life in Queseria, Mexico will be forever changed.

GROW funds are dedicated to helping improve the lives of farm workers and their families. Here is the story of Cezar, a young disabled boy, the son of migrant field workers, who has been given the gift of mobility.

Cezar has always been disabled; never knowing what it was like to move about on his own. Antonio and Isabel Velasco, volunteers with Project Amigo, first met Cezar a couple of years ago when they got the opportunity to deliver his first wheel chair. For the first time in his life, he could move about freely; allowing him the independence that every young child deserves.

On a more recent visit Cezar not only received a warm welcome from old friends, but new clothes, a play mat, toy cars and his own guitar! “Cezar’s eyes grew bigger and bigger as I pulled out the cars,” recalls Isabel.

Not only did Cezar and his family benefit, but six of his classmates were also reciepients of much needed clothing and toys. When you purchase GROW bananas, you are helping people like Cezar and his friends gain a better life. It is stories like Cezar’s that keep Organics Unlimited dedicated to the success and efforts of the GROW fund.

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    great story, i look forward to more 🙂

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