GROW Story: Cezar (Continued)

As you may be aware, I am spending the remainder of the month in the Colima area, involved with Project Amigo, which receives a great deal of funding from GROW. Yesterday (Saturday) was a very special day. It was the day that we went to Queseria to do a work project. Queseria is a poor, migrant village that was established by six sugar cane companies. The workers live in the camp with their families, and many of them are there for six months or less, while there is employment. Others live in what we were consider some pretty bad conditions for years on end.

So what was so special about yesterday? Well, earlier we wrote about Cezar. He is a young boy with cerebral palsy who has been unable to walk, but through the help of GROW, has received a wheel chair that allows him to sit up and to be somewhat mobil. He’s still a little boy, maybe 6 or 7, but through the attention he has gotten, he has progressed greatly over the past year.

My joy? Yesterday I gave Cezar a haircut while he sat in his chair. First we trimmed a little, but he wanted it short, and his mother wanted it short. So we gave him a nice summer haircut that is cooler in the hot, humid weather. And he was so happy with it. He is now able to be out on the playground with the other children in his chair, and Cezar’s life will continue to improve while Project Amigo looks for special schooling for him. Cezar will have a brighter future than anyone ever imaged. And yes, I got to give him a haircut and be part of something special that happened in his life yesterday. It made my life special too.

To support GROW, please buy GROW bananas or donate online. Volunteer opportunities are available through Project Amigo.

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