Celebrate with Bananas!

October is a time when candy corn, chocolate bars and sugary sweets are everywhere. Unhealthy snacks are hard to resist, yet very prevalent during this time of year. Why not encourage your customers to be creative this Halloween and use bananas to create fun and nutritious themed snacks?

Every child and parent will love the idea of something fun, healthy and easy to eat at Halloween.We’re recommending these simple and tasty “Banana Ghosts”: Take a ripe Organics Unlimited or GROW banana, slice in half and insert a wooden stick into the flat end. Brush melted organic white chocolate on the banana and stick organic chocolate chips or currants on as the eyes.

We also love whipping up this “Cauldron of Slime”: Melt 16 ounces of organic baking chocolate. Stir In 2 tablespoons of organic cream and 12 drops of green food coloring. Pour into a lined cauldron or Halloween-themed dish. Add some dry ice. Serve with sliced GROW bananas.

Do you have any ideas for fun ways to use bananas during Halloween? Leave them under comments!

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