Celebrate the Summer Sun with Organic Bananas

Celebrate the Summer Sun with Organic Bananas

Summer is here as of June 21. More than ever, your customers will be actively out and about. This gives you the perfect opportunity to promote organic bananas. They are the all natural fruit that provides hours of energy and the perfect portable snack. 

Give your customers a reason to have fun in the sun with a special display of organic bananas, or integrate them into a summer themed display. You can even make a sun out of bananas! Make your display bright and colorful to get your customers in the spirit of the season.

If you choose to highlight other products, choose complimentary active, summer foods like trail mixes, avocados, oranges, and yogurts. Cross marketing your foods can help inspire summer recipes or quick fixes for healthy snacks.

With the warmer weather, there is a greater chance your consumers will be visiting parks or beaches. Start thinking picnics. Get couples or families more interested in the idea of a picnic in the park or at the beach and include bananas as their dessert or just a part of their menu items.

And finally, utilize the on-the-go customers who are in the hurry to get to a beach or pool by keeping bananas near the registers – in case they miss the produce section.

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