Celebrate and Educate for National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month

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June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month, which provides a large opportunity to promote fresh produce in your store. Luckily, organic bananas are always in season and are the perfect item to market by themselves or partner them with other fruits and veggies during this special month. Here are a few tips on the various ways you can market Organics Unlimited products to your customers.

You can call attention to your produce department by creating a banner alerting customers that June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month. A simple sign is a good investment as it can be used annually for the entire month of June.

Consider other point-of-purchase marketing, such as taste test stations featuring organic bananas or dishes that highlight the fruit. By giving customers ideas of how they can incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into their own lifestyles, you can help them create healthier meals and move fresh produce faster through your store. Recipe cards and shelf talkers also provide a visual example of how a customer can use a product.

Share information about June National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable in your weekly customer newsletters. A simple banner atop the newsletter can highlight products, and ideas on how to utilize different types of produce may be a refreshing change from typical content. Using a newsletter or point-of-purchase marketing material allows you to educate consumers on the benefits of organic bananas.

If you prefer, there is a variety of information on eating fresh fruits and vegetables that you can share with your customers for free. Various government and non-profit agencies make available downloadable documents that you can print and provide at the point of purchase. For National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable month, try one of these printable resources:

By sharing helpful tips and nutrition resources like these, you can help your customers make healthy choices while selling more Organics Unlimited bananas and other fresh produce. You can find more information on merchandising in the Organics Unlimited Sales Support Kit and on the Organics Unlimited website.

To learn more about our organic bananas and how you can offer them in your store, please visit OrganicsUnlimited.com. To learn more about the GROW program, please visit Growbananas.org.

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