Celebrate a Healthier Memorial Day Weekend with Bananas

Healthy Memorial Day Weekend

Get your customers thinking healthy this Memorial Day Weekend! There are plenty of ways in which you can pique their attention with fun recipes and displays that will get them thinking fresh and natural

Outdoor grilling items may be the hottest selling foods for Memorial Day Weekend, but don’t rule out those who seek to stay healthy. There are many health conscious individuals that like to keep to their diets, but still have fun. If you’re planning on making a special display area for holiday favorites, think about complimenting it with a separate area for healthier choice foods highlighting organic bananas.

With all of the running around families will be doing this coming holiday, bananas are a great source of quick energy. Packed full of good, natural sugars and potassium, they’ll help satisfy your customer’s cravings. And for those who love BBQing but are watching their weight, bananas can be grilled!

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Another great idea for Memorial Day is to provide solutions to create red, white and blue themed food items. Bananas are one of the best options with limited amounts of tasty white foods out there. Fruit salads, Jell-o treats, and pies are perfect choices to get into the spirit of the holiday while staying in the realm of healthy foods.

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