GROW Story: Carlos

What is GROW? Let’s read the answer in the words of a young man who has experienced the benefits of the program:

“Who or what is GROW? You could say that it is a foundation that helps field workers and their families but for me GROW is so much more. 

My name is Carlos Daniel Arias Vazquez and I am from Ixtlahuacan, Colima. I was born into a poor family and we have never had the opportunity to enjoy any luxuries. My father has always supported my three brothers and me. I have always been a good student, I attribute this to my constant motivation to succeed in life. I did not learn about GROW until after I finished high school.

Before I learned about GROW, I was a boy who dreamt about succeeding and achieving my goals, getting my family out of the difficult economic state we were in, to give them a good future and be able to help others, values that my parents have instilled in me since I was a young boy. That dream however, was crumbling, it was slipping away from me like water slips from one’s hands and

I couldn’t do anything about it. My future and my family’s future were disappearing fast because of our financial situation. What could I do? I didn’t give up, I said, “I’m going to succeed” I am not going to let my dreams fall apart before my eyes” and that is how I began the search for organizations that could help me continue my studies. This search is what lead me to find GROW through Project Amigo.

Thanks to GROW today I am enrolled in my third semester of college. I am studying a major in psychology and because of GROW, the opportunity of a new future has appeared. Thanks to GROW my family counts on the hope and happiness of having a son who will help them move forward and thanks to GROW I will be able to help many other people in the world. Therefore, to me, GROW signifies much more than a program to help field workers and their families. To me, GROW is hope and a new reality, it is the valuable opportunity to succeed and build a better future for me, my family, and the world. And in the future, I will be able to say with great pride: “Thanks to GROW and Project Amigo I am who I am today.”

GROW changes lives each and every day. Help people like Carlos find hope and build a better future by buying GROW bananas.

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