Buying Organic + Contest!

There are a variety of reasons consumers choose organic over conventional produce. However, a number of consumers avoid organic bananas because of misconceptions about the organic industry and growing practices. Here at Organics Unlimited, we want to inform your consumers about the hard facts; you do not sacrifice quality when you buy organic over conventional bananas.
Here are just a few benefits of buying organic:
An important reason to buy organic bananas is for the environmental benefits. According to USDA guidelines, organic farming practices reduce pollution, conserve water and preserve soil. Also, organic growing practices do not release synthetic pesticides into the soil. Pesticides and herbicides used in the growing of conventional bananas seep into the soil and groundwater, and can harm wildlife, affect biodiversity, and disrupt local ecosystems.

Many people choose organic foods to avoid risks associated with pesticides and other chemicals that are used in conventional farming. Research shows that organic diets lower exposure to pesticides.
Conventional bananas are grown with synthetic fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides to protect the crops from mold, insects and disease. Organic farmers use natural fertilizers and weed by hand or mulch in order to prevent weeds.
Many believe that because of its protective skin, all toxins and chemicals cannot penetrate the meat of the banana. However, there is strong evidence showing that chemicals and pesticides do leach into the soil, and into the actual fruit.
Many consumers are frightened by organic bananas because of the myth that they are less attractive. Shoppers expect organic bananas to be bruised, damaged, and not uniform in size, shape or color. The truth is, organic bananas can look as good, if not better than conventionally grown bananas. It all boils down to how the bananas are physically handled and transported.
Starting this week, Organics Unlimited will host a weekly contest promoting ‘quality’ and will be encouraging everyone to participate. During February, Organics Unlimited will be asking for quotes through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn about ‘quality’ that inspires fans. Each week, a quote will be chosen and mentioned on our blog, and the winner will receive a prize the following week. Stay connected to Organics Unlimited by following us on Twitter, and become a fan of us on Facebook!

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