Build the Importance of Community

GROW Students

The economy is slowly picking back up, but it’s always a good idea to maintain a strong sense of community with your customers. You are their most reliable source of sustenance and you must instill a sense of trust as their primary food handler. Give your customers a reason to see that you are more than just a grocery store, but an outlet for positive change. 

Providing foods such as GROW bananas, a label of Organics Unlimited that contributes a part of the proceeds to workers and families of banana growing regions of Mexico and Ecuador, is a great way to show your customers that you care about others. In turn, you will earn a level of respect in your community for your concern for workers.

There’s nothing more powerful than paying it forward. No good deed is left unnoticed, and you’ll see an increase in buzz toward your organic bananas and more traffic through your doors.

Make sure your customers are aware of the community and non-profit efforts you put forth in your store so they can recognize the difference you are making in your community and others. Be proud, raise more awareness, and help make the world a happier, better place for future generations.

One banana is all it takes to change a life.

Throughout the third quarter, you can find more updates at Organic Odes regarding community involvement and tips on how you can make a difference with the purchase of bananas.

If you are interested in sharing the GROW program with your customers, point-of-purchase materials are now available to download for free or purchase for print. Learn more about our new POP online store here.

If you’d like to be involved and to learn more about Organics Unlimited and GROW, visit,, or call (619) 710-0658.

Like Organics Unlimited on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. You can also find GROW on Facebook and Twitter.

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