Better Breakfasts Build Better Communities

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Better Breakfast Month is an unofficial holiday recognized by many school districts around the nation throughout September. The goal is to promote the importance of breakfast, both for youth and adults. Breakfast has been proven to increase academic performance of students. According to WebMD, the American Dietetic Association reports children who eat breakfast concentrate better and have increased problem-solving skills and eye-hand coordination. Breakfast is important for adults, too. Nutritionally balanced breakfast can lower cholesterol levels, help control your weight and provide more energy for regular exerce. Join conversations about #BetterBreakfastMonth on social media and find inspiration for your morning plate.

By incorporating GROW organic bananas in your breakfast, you’re helping to jumpstart your day with healthy fruits. But there’s even more added benefit. By choosing GROW bananas, you’re aiding more than just your own health, you’re helping improve rural communities in Mexico and Ecuador. A small surcharge from every box of GROW organic bananas is used to provide vision clinics, educational support, dental exams and more for the communities that surround Organics Unlimited’s banana farms.

Since 2005, GROW funds have helped provide educational, medical and economic support to children and adults living in impoverished communities in Mexico and Ecuador. GROW works with established nonprofit organizations such as Project Amigo in Colima, Mexico. Through GROW and Project Amigo, hundreds of students have had access to educational opportunities they normally wouldn’t have.

“Without the GROW program, I would have been working in the fields like those who don’t have the economic means to pursue higher education,” said Dulce, a 22-year-old GROW scholar. She is studying to be a graphic designer and GROW has helped provide her with necessities to succeed in school for nine years, such as school uniforms, housing near the University of Colima, tuition assistance, study space and more.

GROW funds provide more than simply a hand-out to youth and families in need. GROW provides a hand up. As part of the GROW program, GROW scholars are required to give back by donating a certain amount of community service hours. Maria is a ninth grader who tutors younger students and helped clean up banana farms in Rancho El Tesoro when storms hit in 2014. “I feel extremely happy being able to help others,” she said.

The GROW organic banana purchases made have the ability to transform lives. “GROW has changed my life completely,” said Heraclio, age 27. “Thanks to this program and everyone involved, I’ve had the opportunity to study and earn my professional license. I’m proud of that.” A GROW student for nine years, Heraclio recently finished his studies and presented his thesis in agricultural engineering.

While each banana purchase may not seem like much, GROW funds add up to create significant change through programs such as Project Amigo. You can read more GROW student profiles on the Organics Unlimited blog. With your help, we can continue to provide aid for another 10 years. Share the GROW message using #GROWTURNS10 to inspire other retailers and distributors to offer GROW organic bananas.

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