Bananas Have Sisters Too!

Red Bananas Organics Unlimited

We learned from the movie Frozen that there is nothing better than sisterly love. Sisters Day is August 3, and we wanted to spread the love of our yellow organic banana sisters: plantains and red bananas. Each with their own unique properties, they both taste great and provide different options for foodies than they are accustom to. 

Plantains are longer than regular yellow bananas and have thicker skin. Good-quality plantains will look over-ripe with many dark spots, but should still be fairly firm. They’re starchier and not sweet, and mainly used as a vegetable for many recipes rather than a fruit. When plantains are green-skinned, they are great for frying. Plantains are native to India, but can grow in most tropical climates.

Red bananas are short, almost like baby bananas, but as the name infers, they have a red peel. They are thicker than your average yellow banana, and also produce a sweeter flavor. You’ll know the red banana is ripe when the peel begins to take on a purplish hue. To test for ripeness, a red banana should yield to gentle thumb pressure. Red bananas are excellent sources of vitamin C, vitamin B6, and potassium. They are also low fat, cholesterol-free, low in sodium, and provides a lot of fiber.

Providing different options for customers will give your produce section whole a new life and exotic flair. With more choices, your customers will share with their friends and family that your store has unique banana options that they might not have tried before. And once they taste them, they’ll be very thankful they did!

Organics Unlimited carries both organic plantains and organic red bananas alongside our organic yellow and GROW bananas.

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