Bananas for World Health

runner-eats-post-workoutFriday, April 6 has been designated by the World Health Organization as World Health Day. Being in good health requires a balance of many things, but something we can all agree on is that a healthy diet and enough exercise are up there as the two most important habits.

Did you know that bananas, like the fresh, organic bananas from Organics Unlimited, can help you in your quest for the best of two worlds; diet and exercise?

Not only do bananas provide a lot of important nutrients such as potassium, but when it comes to exercise, researchers have found that bananas can be just as effective, if not more, than energy sports drinks. For decades athletes and sports nutritionists have confirmed that eating or drinking carbohydrates during prolonged exertion allows one to continue performing at higher intensities and recover quicker with less inflammation. The secret to this? Fructose. Bananas are high in naturally occurring sugars and other natural substances that impact sports performance and recovery. Sports drinks however, also offer glucose, fructose and sucrose, but contain a host of manufactured, artificial flavors and chemicals.

While research on the science of bananas for athletic performance is not yet complete, one thing is clear: exercisers who prefer a natural, inexpensive and neatly packaged alternative to sports drinks should instead reach for a fresh, organic banana.

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