Banana Trends in the Marketplace

Millennials have been leading sales of produce for a while now. According to, millennials eat 2.7 servings of produce a day, more than any other generation. Yet one area where millennials are not the highest purchasers is bananas. The Produce Retailer reports that 64% of millennials purchased bananas, compared to 80% of shoppers over the age of 40.  While this may not be the best news retailers want to hear, there is hope on the horizon.

Reports show that bananas continue to overall be one of the most popular items in the produce department, with about 76% of consumers purchasing them in the past year. Although millennials are not purchasing as many bananas as their older counterparts, it is interesting to note that millennials displayed the highest growth in banana consumption over the past decade. This indicates a group of consumers that have been “underdeveloped’ but display high growth potential.

Retailers would do well to keep in mind that in order to grow this group of consumers, it is important to speak their language. Millennials are drawn to companies that support social responsibility and are environmentally conscious. They also like products which are nutritious and non-artificial and are drawn to snacks that are portable and convenient.  Bananas also provide an excellent source of energy and are the perfect workout boost.

Millennials are also driving all things digital, such as online shopping and social media. In order to relate, retailers must harness the power of social media. This means using popular platforms to offer education about bananas that is also translatable to everyday life.

Millennials are poised to not only continue, but increase organic produce consumption, and by careful strategy and understanding of trends and patterns, we can continue to deliver based on their needs.

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