Banana Shortages

It may seem that almost every winter, banana prices rise and banana availability falls. Finding the best quality bananas is tough. This is usually linked to severe winter weather conditions in the major banana-growing areas of Central and South America, which cause a shortage in banana crops and affect the quantity and quality of bananas. Additionally, Costa Rica, which at one time was an important banana producing country, has converted much of their available land from bananas to pineapples. Many major banana brands are greatly affected since the majority of their plantations are located these areas.

Organics Unlimited grows most of our organic bananas in Mexico, so our weather patterns are different. Our farms were chosen for their fertile soil, abundant rainfall and warm climate, so when our competitor’s prices go up and their quality goes down, you can trust that Organics Unlimited bananas will remain top quality while staying at a fair price point, taking good care of our customers who buy from us throughout the year. For more information about our bananas and our farms, click on

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