Banana Merchandising for the Winter Holidays


When thinking of the holidays we tend to think of plates piled high with sugar cookies, pies, cakes and other indulgent fare. Although organic bananas are one of the top produce staples for most households during the year, it is easy to forget about them during the holiday seasons. However, smart merchandising and understanding produce demands can help you position Organics Unlimited organic bananas in a way that will achieve maximum sales in the upcoming months.

1.) Group your products. The average consumer may not be thinking of a fresh organic banana, but they could be thinking about banana bread for visitors, or banana smoothies for a breakfast that is delicious and healthy amidst all the generous holiday meals. By grouping your banana bread mix with your organic bananas or offering smoothie recipe cards, you are helping your customers by giving them ingredients for a healthy treat. Find more information on cross-merchandising here.

2.) Make it festive! During the holiday season there is so much to look at that your display can get lost amidst the overwhelming amounts of colors and lights. Ensure your display is eye-catching and welcoming to allow customers to quickly and easily find and select their organic bananas.

3.) Convenience is king. Customers are rushing to get all the holiday shopping done. When dealing with long, complicated shopping lists for fancy meals, it is easy to forget the basics. Make it easy for your customers to buy their organic bananas by placing displays in convenient, well-trafficked locations.

4.) Spread holiday cheer. This is the time of year when people get into the holiday spirit by showing gratitude through charitable giving. When you tell your customers each purchase of GROW organic bananas helps build better communities in banana growing regions, you are also telling them that their purchase makes a difference! Here is more information on GROW to share with your customers.

Most importantly, start early and have your materials ready. Retailers can highlight the GROW program and organic bananas through the use of various POP materials available on the Organics Unlimited website.

While organic bananas may not be the first food that customers think of during the holiday season, they are certainly an important purchase. Understanding how to merchandise them during this busy time of year will help boost sales and provide an easier shopping experience for your customers.

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