Back to School with GROW

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Summer is almost over and families are gearing up for a new school year. With a renewed devotion to nutritious, wholesome foods, parents are looking for creative ways to get their kids to eat healthy. GROW bananas are the perfect solution, whether it is as a handy fruit in a lunch box, or as part of a delicious recipe. And during GROW Month retailers can take advantage of additional GROW promotional help that will highlight organic bananas for your customers.

GROW Month is an annual event in September. That’s when children all over the US head back to school, and it’s also when your customers can focus on helping the children of farm workers in Mexico. Each purchase means more help for young people so that they will become stronger, more educated members of society. GROW funding provides them with scholarships, school supplies, tutoring, uniforms, field trips and living accommodations.

Here are a few recipe ideas to help spark your customers’ imaginations and culinary skills:

Banana “Hot Dogs”

Healthy Banana Cookies

Banana Brownies

Quick Banana Rollups

Organic Vegan Banana Bread

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