Back to School Merchandising

grow-3Although summer is still going strong, it is not too early to start thinking ahead. In the next month, many children will be going back to school, officially ending their summer vacation. That means that once again, schedules must be made and followed and lunches and snacks must be planned and packed.

Yesterday, Organics Unlimited and GROW by Organics Unlimited participated in Produce for Kids’ Twitter Party for the “Power Your Lunchbox” campaign. If you were not able to join us, please look for #PowerYourLunchbox on Twitter for great posts and ideas on healthy lunches.

As parents start thinking about healthy lunches and snacks, one wonderful way to promote nutritious kid-friendly food is through your merchandising. Specifically, fresh organic bananas! Here are some quick tips that you can incorporate in your messaging and that your customers will enjoy learning:


  • Bananas are pre-packaged by nature! Talk about an easy grab-and-go snack.
  • Bananas help muscle recovery, great for those little legs running around on the playground!
  • Studies have shown that kids who eat breakfast are able to concentrate better during the day.
  • Not only are bananas an energy packed food, they are also low fat and contain many important vitamins and minerals like potassium, vitamins B6 and C and more!


Merchandising your bananas wisely will not only help your sales, but will also help support GROW month which takes place in September. If your store stocks GROW bananas, you and your customers will feel good about knowing that each purchase helps communities in the banana growing regions of Mexico and Ecuador. So as we send our little ones to school this fall, lets send them with healthy nutritious snacks, knowing that we are also helping children in the banana growing regions get the education they deserve.

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