AussiBum Goes Au Naturel!

Thought bananas were only good for a delicious source of potassium? Think again!

AussieBum’s new line of underwear could induce a number of bad banana-related jokes, but we’ll stick to the basics: the men’s fashion company from the “Land Down Under-wear” (okay, I couldn’t resist), recently released a line of underwear made with real banana fiber. The eco-friendly undies are 27% sustainable banana fiber, 64% organic cotton, and 9% lycra.

Why only 27% banana? According to Lloyd Jones, the company spokesperson, “Naturally, you can’t really add anymore banana fiber than that because it might be a bit squishy.” Well, in that case 27% sounds like just the right amount.

Congratulations to AussiBum on their new socially conscious initiative!

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One Response to “AussiBum Goes Au Naturel!”
  1. Neove says:

    Imagine that!! Nice for all the banana lovers…. and nature…. 😉 now you can even wear them!!

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