Advocate Bananas for Babies in Store Merchandising

Marketing Bananas for Babies

Bananas are one of the most important hosts of nutrients we should be eating on a daily basis. Containing electrolyte potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc, bananas are one of nature’s best super foods parents can introduce to babies as early as six months old.

Fresh and unprocessed, there is also a natural sweetness to bananas that babies will enjoy that you can’t get from a jar. Bananas are also very simple in a time crunch. They just need to be peeled and mashed with a fork. Parents can use the peels for a compost pile; no need to worry about baby food jars piling up in a recycle bin.

Another great feature bananas offer is the fact that they are not a seasonal fruit, available year round. The ideal ripeness for bananas for parents are when they are yellow to yellow-green, without many black spots. Bananas are ready for babies when most of the green has turned yellow.

Not only do they have all the vitamins and nutrients to help babies grow healthy, but ripe bananas also contain pectin, which helps ease digestion.

Appeal to new parents with fun merchandising materials that educate them on the benefits and nutritional facts of bananas for babies. The POP serves as a great in-store reminder that they may have read in their baby books, but may not remember when they walk into your store. Strategically placing bananas near baby food, or baby aisles if you have them, is also a unique selling point to keep bananas on their minds.

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