8 Simple Banana Recipes to Use for In-Store Sampling

9 Simple Recipes to Use for Sampling In-Store

Everyone knows what bananas taste like, but in addition to a taste test between conventional and organic bananas, create unique sampling opportunities to catch your customers off guard in a positive way.

Not only will fun, prepared samples direct your customer’s eye to the produce section, but they will also provide a great cross promotional opportunity with other products in your store(s).

After the break, check out these eight great banana recipes you can easily prepare in your store as samples without any hassles.

Apple Peanut Butter Banana Shake –  Combine the awesome power of apples, peanut butter, and bananas in this easy-to-make shake that is refreshing and smooth.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Balls – Give your customers a little boost of energy with these special little balls of fun; packed full of the protein, fiber and nutrients we all need.

PB & J with Banana and Granola Wrap – Who doesn’t like wraps? Give your customers the idea to create a healthy wrap to start their day off right.

Banana-Chocolate Milk – Cold, delicious chocolate milk combined with the awesome power of organic bananas is exactly what your customers are looking for.

Strawberry-Banana Parfaits – Treat your customers to a light and tasty parfait that will bring out the best flavors of your organic fruits.

Breakfast Banana Split – Take your customers on a journey they’ve never had before with the old banana split. This fun and healthy recipe is a great spin on a classic.

Cold & Creamy Banana Pudding – Your customers will be floating off the ground with how comforting and delicious this pudding recipe is.

Banana “Hot Dogs” – This is a fun recipe for the kids that they can enjoy anytime of the day.

Don’t forget to print these recipes out as handouts! We also have branded recipe cards you can find on our online store. Contact us for the login information.

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