West Coast Port Dispute Update

Port of Los Angeles Container Cranes

As the port dispute closes its second lockout week, we’d like our distributors and retailers to know that we’re continuing our best efforts to provide you with excellent customer service during this challenging time. Wednesday of this week, U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez met with both sides in an effort to break the stalemate and avoid a shutdown of 29 West Coast ports.

As you’re likely aware, the state of contract negations between the Pacific Maritime Association and International Longshore and Warehouse Union has affected Organics Unlimited through importation and logistic delays since late October. This port dispute affects the delivery of all agricultural and perishable products at a global level. Like many companies experiencing the scarcity and complete losses of fruit, it has been a severe challenge to re-palletize and replenish dedicated loads. Unfortunately, these factors are out of our control but please know that we are doing our best to continue to meet your needs.

As of Thursday morning, 30 ships were anchored in line to dock into the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. We are asking for your assistance in the sorting of the fruit to work with the clusters that can still be salvaged. We understand the additional labor and demand this puts on you, and we hope that you’ll assist in working with us during this difficult time. Again, we will continue our efforts to provide you with our best customer service.

Thank you for your understanding, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

The Organics Unlimited Team

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Image credit: CC Lance Cunningham

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