2017 Produce Trends


With only one month left in the year, the majority of companies are well into planning for 2017 in order to guarantee growth. One of the most difficult aspects about planning for an upcoming year is not being sure if the direction you are headed in is correct. Thankfully, looking at forecasted trends can help with that.

Organic – We all know that produce, and especially organic produce is having an impressive moment right now. In fact, 2014 was the first year “that conventional grocery sold 50% of organic food,” Ms. Jagiello said in Food Business News and “Costco reportedly sold 10% of the total volume of U.S. organic food in 2015, and we’re regularly seeing them put up gains of 20% plus.”  It is safe to say that the organic produce market will continue to rise in 2017.

Edible Ethics – Consumers continue to become more educated and aware as to the provenance of their food. When buying organic produce, consumers want to know that their food was farmed ethically, sustainably and with the environment and workers in mind. At Organics Unlimited, we not only farm ethically and sustainably, but through our GROW by Organics Unlimited program, we also take care of our communities.

Functional Food – Another trend we are see is the demand for “functional” food, or food with purpose. From reducing inflammation to improving energy and stamina, consumers seek nutrition that works overtime. This gives organic bananas a cutting edge! Did you know that bananas have a myriad of health benefits? From containing an impressive 34% of the RDI of vitamin B6, which can act as an anti-inflammatory agent that helps ward off cardiovascular disease, to helping muscle recovery, organic bananas from Organics Unlimited are one powerhouse fruit!

Convenience – Consumers are constantly on the run and prefer foods that are easy to package and easy to take. Nothing beats a banana, they’re naturally pre-packaged and ready to go anywhere!

By following these simple tips and tuning in to up-and-coming trends, you can be sure that you and your customers will have a great 2017 year.

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