2012 Industry Forecast

The beginning of January always inspires many to resolve to be healthier and improve the quality of their lives. During the new year, keeping up with emerging trends becomes important for the produce industry. Here are some trends for the produce industry in 2012:

“Locally Grown” has become a household phrase, and has transitioned from a trend to a cultural norm. Due to the stigma surrounding non-local produce, consumers are becoming skeptics in the grocery store. There is need for a transparency for the industry and consumers about where produce is grown, the growing conditions, and how far it traveled to its final destination.
Diets and Nutrition:
It’s not uncommon for millions of people to ring in the new year with a new diet. Why not eat healthy all year long, and promote long term weight loss success through the consumption of fresh produce? The high cost of health care creates a desire for healthier diets and lifestyles. Retailers can increase sales and brand loyalty simply by implementing year-round diet and nutrition marketing plans.
Youth Education:
Educating students about the health benefits involved with produce consumption can change negative eating patterns of future generations. The USDA’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program provides school curriculum to increase produce consumption by children. These children bring the message home to their families, which increases overall consumption.
Flavor and Variety:
Flavor and consumption go hand-in-hand. Many consumers (foodies) are looking for culinary edge which can be achieved with vibrant flavors and innovation in the kitchen. That’s why specialty products such as Red Bananas and Plantains can help retailers increase sales.

The main goal for Organics in 2012 will be to provide quality produce to consumers, and by following industry trends, retailers can stay ahead of the curve.
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